Custom and Self-Publishing

We work with individuals, families, institutions, and brands to bring their publishing visions to fruition. Hallmarks of our client services include:

  • clear-sighted understanding and analysis of the client's needs;
  • flexibility and adaptability to the requirements of each project;
  • creative and innovative approaches to editorial, design, and manufacturing issues.

The flexible menu of editorial and managerial options we provide allows work on each project to be tailored to our clients' specific expertise, time limitations, and other needs.

Services Offered

Editorial  Design & Production

We will ensure that your manuscript is in the best possible shape before committing it to layout. This may include some or all of the following services:

  • original writing
  • book doctoring and re-writing
  • developmental editing
  • line editing
  • copyediting

From simple black and white texts to elaborate 4-color coffee table books, our designers create innovative and elegant covers and interiors. Services include:

  • cover design
  • interior design
  • page composition
  • proofreading
  • indexing


 Promotion & Distribution
Managing the manufacturing process can be most daunting for many self-publishers. We take care of all the details, including:
  • selecting materials and specs
  • sourcing printers
  • managing page-proof process
Intensive consultation will help bring your work to the widest possible readership. This can include:
  • ISBN and books-in-print applications
  • identifying markets and how to reach them
  • developing publicity campaigns
  • advice on strategies for retail distribution and print-on-demand


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