The Princeton Companion to Atlantic History

Princeton University Press, November 2014




Outstanding Academic Title, 2015


"The authors’ analytical, historiographical approaches reveal multidisciplinary themes and trends from regional perspectives . . . Highly recommended."



"The other Princeton books I have reviewed recently have been superbly made and this volume is no exception. . . . For the right audience, those who have a sufficient grounding in the subject, it will earn its keep."

—John George Kendall, Reference Reviews


"In the end, this book is more than a “companion” to Atlantic history. It comprehensively summarizes a vibrant domain of scholarship, at the same time capturing an important moment in the history of historical writing. It will be valuable to specialists, students and general readers alike – in short, to anyone who wants to see a dynamic, cutting-edge field of scholarship in action."

—Marcus Rediker, Times Literary Supplement


The Princeton Companion to Atlantic History is the first encyclopedic reference work to explore Atlantic history in its full multi-continental scope. The Companion takes into account the multiple perspectives that the Atlantic World embodies, with an accent on its dynamics of change.

  • Part One: Introductory essays investigates the dynamics distinctive to each of four large chronological periods.
  • Part Two: A set of shorter A to Z essays examines specific places, strategies, and groups central to understanding the complexities of these engagements. 

The Companion thus offers students, as well as practicing scholars, the first comprehensive reference guide to this growing field, in an epistemologically challenging historical examination of concepts critical to it.

Editorial Board

General Editor

Joseph C. Miller, University of Virginia


Advisory Editors

Vincent Brown, Duke University

Laurent Dubois, Duke University

Jorge Cañizares-Esguerra, U. of Texas, Austin

Karen Kupperman, New York University

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