Encyclopedia of the Cold War

Routledge, 2008


AP high school, college, and general public

2-volume set



Ruud van Dijk, University of Amsterdam


Associate Editors

William Glenn Gray, Purdue University

Svetlana Savranskaya, National Security Archives

Jeremi Suri, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Qiang Zhai, Auburn University Montgomery



Benefiting from the recent research of newly open archives, the Encyclopedia of the Cold War examines the military, economic, diplomatic, and political evolution of the conflict as well as its impact on different regions and cultures of the world.


Using a expansive geopolitical approach that presents a range of perspectives--Russian, Eastern European, Third World and others--the work covers all aspects of the Cold War, from communism to nuclear escalation and from UFOs to red diaper babies, highlighting its vast-ranging and lasting impact on international relations as well as on daily life. Although the work focuses on the 1945–1991 period, it explores the roots of the conflict, starting with the formation of the Soviet state, and its legacy to the present day.


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