Publishing Services

MTM, as a full-service book producer, can see a project through from idea development to printed product. We can also be introduced into the work flow any where along the way. These phases include:

  • Art Manuscript: creation of illustrations, photo research, permissions research, caption creation;
  • Design, Composition, and Production: development of cover and interior design, page composition, proofing, and indexing;
  • Manufacturing: developing print specs, sourcing of manufacturing, supervision of printing processes.

Original Illustrations


Our editors and illustrators are skilled at conceptualizing and creating accurate and innovative illustrations--maps, charts, and informational drawings--to help explain complex concepts. We produce these images for our own projects and offer these services for outside projects as well. Samples are below.


--All illustrations created by Richard Garratt,
with research and editing by MTM's editorial team.


MTM has garnered many awards, including citations from Library Journal, Choice, and Booklist. Click here to see a list of our honors.

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