Encyclopedia of New Media

Sage Publications, 2002



Steve Jones, University of Illinois at Chicago



The Encyclopedia of New Media is a comprehensive reference on the ongoing revolution in communications and human/computer interaction. The coverage--broadly defining new media as a set of rapidly evolving instruments of digitally mediated communication--includes digital communication tools, such as the World Wide Web, as well as new interfaces, such as interactive film and TV, and new creation/distribution methods, such as digital music and art.


The encyclopedia includes extensive essays on overarching concepts such as "hypermedia" and "cyber culture," as well as entries detailing the history, technology, and social ramifications of new media technologies. Pioneers in the field are also profiled, the underlying technology explained, and the philosophical underpinnings explored--the who, what, when, how, and, perhaps most importantly, the why.



Booklist Editor's Choice Best of 2003


Review Quotes

"...this comprehensive map of modern media's technological and sociological terrain makes an essential guide for library users bewildered by the seismic changes that the past few decades have brought. . . . this volume merits serious consideration, even for mid-sized collections, as a major and well-organized source of new or hard-to-find information on a mind-bending array of topics." --NY Public Library


"... highly recommends the encyclopedia...as a worthwhile addition to both science and technology and social science sections." --ALA's Reference User and Services Quarterly


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