Women in American Politics: History and Milestones

CQ Press, an imprint of Sage Publications, 2012

Doris Weatherford, University of South Florida



RUSA Outstanding Reference Source 2013


Booklist Editor's Choice 2012



Women in American Politics: History and Milestones is a unique and comprehensive new reference detailing the milestones and trends in women’s political participation in the United States. This two-volume work provides much needed perspective and background on the events and situations that have surrounded women’s political activities. Women in American Politics offers insightful analysis on women’s political achievements in the United States, including the campaign to secure nation-wide suffrage; pioneer women state officeholders; women first elected to U.S. Congress, governorships, mayoralties, and other offices; and women first appointed as Cabinet officials, judges, and ambassadors. It also includes profiles of the women who have run for president and vice president, and interest groups and political actions committees.

Women in American Politics is organized in a framework both logical and useful to readers and researchers. The reference offers students, scholars, teachers, and other professionals a guide to understanding the complex struggle in women’s progress toward achieving political parity with men in the United States.


Review Quotes

"There are no current print publications with a similar scope that are equally comprehensive, as easy to use, or as clearly written. Academic libraries of all sizes, as well as medium-sized and large public libraries, will want to add this set to their collections." - Sarah Watstein, Booklist


"Well-written and loaded with fascinating and enlightening facts and observations, this set will be a valuable addition to either reference or circulating collections. Both academic and public libraries would be wise to give it serious consideration." - Against the Grain


"Recommended as a solid addition to school, academic, and public libraries' reference collections." - Library Journal


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